Tools Used:

Adobe After Effects CC

Maxon Cinema4D

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Indesign CC


For the launch of their new millennial-friendly Flavours line, Diet Coke needed a way to excite their distribution chain (40-50 year olds) enough to purchase the rights to bottle and distribute to their vendors. The bottler event is usually a dull affair, chock full of lengthy presentations about consumer behaviors, market trends, and recapitulating the monolithic synergy to improve R.O.I. (okay, I made up the last one). Our team was tasked with creating an exciting moment for when the bottlers got their first look and taste of the Flavours line. We created custom product display units for each individual flavor and a supporting LED screen to show content that evoked the feeling behind each flavor. The result was a fun, photo-worthy moment that had many bottlers saying that their 20 something kids would love the new Flavours. While the target audience was the not-so-sexy 50 somethings, I had a blast animating a bunch of digital fruits and cans using dynamics and patterns. 

My Role: Creative Pitch/Design, Product Display Renderings, 3D/2D Animation, Space Design, and Playing with Digital Fruits

1. Animations

2. Space Design Iterations

Direct Client: Crown & Conquer      Company: dotdotdash      Creative Director: Billy Vinton      Project Managers: Erik Sterpa, Jessey Zepeda      Executive Producer: Cade Wallace

Drafting: Jessey Zepeda      Fabrication: Fascinate