tools Used:

Adobe Indesign CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe After Effects CC

Maxon Cinema4D R17

Mountain Dew: Camo Collective @ Complexcon

For the very first ComplexCon, Mountain Dew wanted to create a futuristic installation that celebrated one of the oldest icons in streetwear: Camo. Our team, restricted by vertical space, horizontal space, and budget, came up with the idea of using shipping containers to our enclosed environment. On the inside, guests toured a museum exhibition of the history and various uses of Camo throughout history. Next, guests got to keep their clothes on for an AR dressing room. The guests were shown what they would look like in VFILES exclusive Mountain Dew Camo prints. The AR display prompted guests to pose for a series of 3D captures. Then, each guest got to see a algorithmically generated music video starring themselves! See how it all came together in the video below.

My Role: Experience Design, Concepting, Creative Pitch, Graphic Assets, 2D Animation, 3D Renders, and UX/UI

Direct Client: PEPSICO Creator      Company: dotdotdash      Creative Director: Billy Vinton      Producer/Drafting: Jessey Zepeda      Art: Damien Gilley      Technical Director: Nathan Jenkins      Project Manager:Erik Sterpa      Programmers: Matt Wymore, Zack Krausnick