Tools used:

Maxon Cinema 4D R17

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe After Effects CC

snap: synergetic rainbow @ twilight concert series

Snap wanted to create a centerpiece for the Twilight Concert Series that replicated the essential aspect of the Snapchat platform: Communication through color and light. Our prompt told us to create an interactive recreation of a rainbow that could be assembled, disassembled, and reassembled each weekend of the series. Our design also had to be able to withstand the significant winds on the Santa Monica Pier. Our team set about designing the rainbow with two interaction points. The rainbow would have different states for varying levels of synchronization at the two points. If two people interacted at the same time, then the rainbow's colors would reach their full potential. If only one user interacted, a wave of rainbow light would wash across the sculpture. The installation was a huge success and brought strangers together throughout the entire concert series. Check out the recap below.

My Role: Concepting, Physical Design, Animation Assets, UX, Renders, and not getting to see it in person...

Design Iterations:

Direct Client: Snap      Company: dotdotdash      Creative Director: Billy Vinton      Art Director: PJ Portlock      Project Manager: Erik Sterpa   

Technical Director/Programming: Nathan Jenkins      Executive Producer: Cade Wallace