Tools Used:

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe Indesign CC

Maxon Cinema4D R17


Hasbro wanted to create a place where parents could introduce their kids to Transformers from their childhood, while also entertaining and exciting the next generation of Transformers toy consumers. Thus began the idea of the Transformers Alliance, an interactive journey through the Transformers universe in Beijing, China. Our team was responsible for creating 2 ambitious interactive experiences. The first, Optimus X-Ray, gave kids the ability to see the inside of Optimus Prime using tablets and cutting-edge spatial tracking. Each kid is encouraged to find all 6 key elements inside of Optimus. This was the first time anyone has attempted to show what the insides of a Transformer looks like. The second interactive, Enigma of Combination, allowed kids to "become" 1 of 6 different Transformers. This experience utilized skeletal tracking and face capture to match the user's movements and face with the Transformer model on the screen. One of our biggest tasks was to create a UX that required very few text prompts, because of the international audience. I got the privilege of creating the futuristic UI elements and modeling the inside of Optimus Prime. Check out the process and animations below. Or just the animations if process isn't your thing. 

My Role: Creative Pitch/Design, Modeling Robot Parts, UX/UI, Animation, Rigging, and Toy Nostalgia. 


Creative Pitch

Motion Design

4. 3D Modelling and Texturing

Direct Client: Victory Hill Exhibitions     

Company: dotdotdash     

Creative Director: Billy Vinton     

Producer: Erik Sterpa     

Designers: Andy Sonwell, PJ Portlock     

Developers: Andrew Stern, Larry Lebron